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   I can define myself as an abstract artist. The discovery of abstraction does not arise from my studies in Visual Arts, but from my relationship with Mathematics, for which I had a great fascination since I was a child. The accuracy of this subject matter -the way in which each of the parts, previously defined, are related to create a coherent whole - and its abstract language to represent reality, made me understand the world as a logical articulation of many variables. This is how I also understand the syntax of a work and assume the creative process. In my opinion, a well-accomplished work correctly harmonizes a selected set of formal and discursive elements -only present for the content they provide - until a coherent idea is transmitted.


   As an artist, I am passionate about the idea of achieving an original and different work. I arduously study Art History and the contemporary artistic context to avoid platitudes. I believe that working on a new project means exploring techniques, materials, formats, pictorial genres and manifestations until defining the formal aspects that best represent the idea. I'm not interested in finding a style that defines me: my bet is to achieve a work that is plural and consistent at the same time. I use primary shapes in all my works, usually simple geometric figures, that when repeated create a pattern that forms the image. In painting, in addition to the pattern, I make constant use of color as a symbolic medium.


   I want the viewer to recognize in my pieces an ordered and autonomous space. I think that my abstract work encourages the audience to reflect on each of the forms that compose it and how their imbrications in space make the piece achieve a narrative quality. In recent works where I approach figurative representation -and especially the landscape genre- I broaden my discourse towards reflections on social and psychological conditions of my immediate context.

   Roger Toledo, April 2020.


Arranging Color: an approach to Roger Toledo´s work.

Author Etien Martínez Román. Year: 2015. Published in CdeCuba Art Magazine No. 19, November 2015. Download pdf

The Eye of the Dragonfly.

Impressions on Roger Toledo´s work during his years as student at the University of the Arts (ISA) in Havana. Author: Amilkar Feria Flores. Year 2010. Download pdf.

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