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    For this series, paintings from the Cuban art collection of the National Museum of Fine Arts were chosen to create a history of color in Cuban painting. Toledo says: “I chose to work on Days at the Museum with pieces that perhaps are not the most recognized within the historiography of Cuban art. My criteria was more practical and personal, they are all works of a wide chromatic value, that regardless of whether they are the most representative of their time or not, they do represent the spirit of their authors.” With the goal of summarizing each of these masterpieces, the artist picks twenty-five colors and reproduces them in hue and technique in an abstract composition. By discovering the new paintings carrying the ambiance of their models, the narrative capacity of color and the painting as a spatial structure are some of the principal concepts approached in this work.

2021 - 2022


2010 - 2011

    "Here is a rare cognitive scene. The square within the square, but the odd number within the even: the square setting the space and the number throwing it to infinity. This young artist has been dealing for years with the properties of the space interpreted by mathematics, aware that this science of structure allows us to see what needs to be seen, that magnificence of the obvious the art has always shown and acknowledged: capable then to pay tribute to discipline and order from freedom and true"

     Fragment of "The Improper Square" (2012) by Rafael Almanza.

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