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These are the first works of Roger Toledo’s artistic production. Three peculiarities perceived in these works will be present in his future creation: his craftsman skills in wood, the analytic design and the search of a pattern showing how to arrange the space. All these features are original, without ornaments or elaborations. The basic elements of each sculpture are small wood fragments with a simple shape and finish. However, the joint of the pieces is arduous, thorough, involving physical and geometric skills. The designs are inspired by math theories that the artist reads and then translates into simple analytic characterizations of curves and surfaces. When the patterns are projected in three-dimension, they force the perception of the space towards a sequence that becomes progressive and rhythmic thanks to the scale repetition and variation of each of the parts conforming the structures.

Abstract relation between reason and matter

Wood, 19¾H x 26¾W x 7D in, 2001

Development of the equation X² + PX + Q

Painted wood, 59H x 59W x 12½D in, 2002

Circumference length

Painted wood, steel wires, light, 70H x 39¼W x 39¼D in, 2003

From Chaos to Dance

Painted wood, monofilament and cotton thread, flourescent light, black fabric, variable dimensions, 2004

Left side view

Right side view

The Dance (1909) by Henri Matisse

Scale model for the piece Fractal Dimension

Wood, monofilament thread, black fabric, variable dimensions, 2005

Fractal Dimension

Wood, monofilament and black cotton thread, variable dimensions, 2005

Left side view

Right side view

A closer frontal view

Strange Attractor

Painted wood, monofilament and black cotton thread, variable dimensions, 2006

Left side view

Starting point

A closer frontal view

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